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First Time Here?

Thank you for expressing interest in attending one of the United States Military Academies. By contacting my office, you have taken the first step towards a future of tough challenges and great rewards. Our United States Service Academies will push you to reach your full potential, both mentally and physically, while giving you the education and skills needed to serve your country as an officer. I commend you for your interest in this opportunity.

Applicants should begin the nomination process in the summer before their senior year of high school. To start the application process you should contact the academies you would like to attend and ask them to start a pre-candidate file for you. You should then contact my office in addition to Senator Murray’s office and your Congressional Representative’s office to request a nomination.

The admission process for U.S. Service Academies is extremely competitive and my evaluation takes several factors into account. I look for applicants displaying leadership, academic achievement, athletic ability, and strength of character. Successful past nominees have demonstrated these traits through involvement in their communities, while also distinguishing themselves academically. Your initiation of the nomination process has placed you among excellent company and I look forward to reviewing your application.

- U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell