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Thank you for your interest in obtaining a  nomination to a U.S. Service Academy from Senator Cardin.  The class of 2029 application deadline is 5PM on September 12, 2024 (there are absolutely NO exceptions to this deadline.)

Please be aware that obtaining a nomination from a U.S. Senator is highly competitive and the process is intended to be driven by the candidate, not parent's or guardian's of candidates. As you work through the application, if you find you have questions or need additional information, it is imperative that you email Amy Daiger at directly, do not have your parent, guardian, teacher, guidance counselor, or any other person email questions on your behalf. Thank you in advance for your understanding with regard to this point.

In order to be considered for a nomination from Senator Cardin, each applicant must:

  • Submit a complete application packet electronically (which includes the online questionnaire and all checklist items) by the office deadline of 5PM on Thursday, September 12, 2024. *In an effort to reduce waste, no paper documents will be accepted.
  • Be available for an interview on Thursday, October 10th , and Friday, October 11th
  • Have an open candidate file at the Academy for which you are seeking a nomination;
    • All applicants must be able to provide the candidate number assigned to them from the Academy to which they are seeking a nomination when submitting the nomination application. Failure to provide this information may be grounds for removal of the application from consideration.  
  • Meet all service academy age, citizenship, marital status and health requirements.  

PLEASE NOTE: If any items are missing from the application package after the deadline of 5PM on September 12, 2024, the applicant will be withdrawn from nomination consideration. There are absolutely NO exceptions to the office deadline.